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Julie Turner – Helping You Discover Your Best Self

Julie uses a strengths-based solution-focused approach to help you let go of who you are not. Julie truly believes that if you are able to focus on who you are meant to be and release everyone else’s opinions and what are often generational beliefs, life will get easier. She can be your friend who aspires to bring the best out of you.

During a session, she will guide you to a relaxed state where you are able to see and feel what is truly going on for you. Where are you now ? Where do you want to be ? Is it a mindset shift ? A certain Behavior you need to release ? Does it affect your relationships, career, or possibly even your physical health?

Julie will help you find what is truly holding you back. Tuning in to your body and your own inner wisdom using the multitude of tools and modalities she has studied over decades. Reduce stress at work and in your family life, sleep better, foster happier, healthier relationships.

Julie Turner Coaching in Flow

  • "I always fell refreshed and in a better place mentaly and physicaly."

  • "Julie has an amazing skill I have not come across often in people."

  • "Julie has been a support system and not just my therapist but a friend."

So I Was Thinking by Julie Turner

I have a message. One of mental health. It is my dream that our society will someday support mental Wellness on a daily basis. Currently, we tend to get help when in crisis. That needs to change. I’m here to help. Here’s hoping the following FREE download will help open your mind and help set you free.