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Dating 101 With Julie Turner

Get In The Game! Let Julie help Dating become Fun and Exciting!

Learn how to take the stress out of dating with Julie’s Dating 101 Course. She’ll help you find out who you want to be with and why. You’ll also find out where to find that person. How to leave a good impression to get another date. Find out where you are in life and how to prepare yourself for dating.

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Foundations In Flow

Learn what it is like when you live your life in Flow.

Learn who you really are and stop being who others think you should be. With Foundations In Flow with Julie Turner, you’ll learn to live a more positive and purposeful life.

You’ll wake up feeling happier and will more energy and zest for life. Start attracting the relationships you’ve always wanted. Feel the freedom to be who you really are. Watch your business take off as you remove limiting beliefs. Sleep better and foster better relationships.

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Hypnotherapy Certification

Become A Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Looking for a new career or want to take your existing career to a whole new level? Learn Hypnosis with Julie Turner and find a whole new world of possibilities. Work with clients from anywhere in the world and help them gain massive results through Hypnosis Work your own hours and get paid well for the hours you do work. Learn to help yourself and feel the confidence of knowing you have the tools to deal with the pressures of life as they come up. Learn life! This is not a prerecorded course. Every course is slightly different depending on the needs of each class.

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  • "I always fell refreshed and in a better place mentaly and physicaly."

  • "Julie has an amazing skill I have not come across often in people."

  • "Julie has been a support system and not just my therapist but a friend."