Can You Imagine Being One Of Those Lucky People?

Many people spend a lifetime being and doing what they have been taught, but not what they are meant to be doing. Causing resistance in life.

Have you ever wondered why things seems to come so easy for some people and not others ?

It’s because the people finding life easier are the ones following their flow in life. They are being who they truly are and doing what they are meant to be doing.


what life would be like if everything you did, started to flow?

  • If your outlook became more positive and purposeful.
  • If you woke up feeling happier with more energy and zest for life.
  • If you started attracting the relationships you’ve always wanted.
  • Imagine the weight being lifted off your shoulders and feeling the freedom to be you.
  • Your business start to take off as you remove limiting beliefs about yourself and start to see all of the opportunities you had not thought possible.
  • Better sleep
  • Foster better relationships

It is possible and much more!

Watch your life start to piece together with Julie’s years of experience in personal development, hypnosis and a multitude of skills she brings to the table with three decades of experience. as an entrepreneur.

Find out what it’s like to live your life in flow… with Julie Turner’s Course

Foundations In Flow

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  • Reduce Stress levels
  • Clarity around who you are and your true purpose
  • Communicate at a level you are fully understood
  • Time freedom
  • Physical, mental, emotional wellbeing
  • Better sleep
  • Foster better relationships

Meet Julie Turner


It’s been my mission to help and guide individuals to become the best version of themselves.

Through my training I help alleviate stress and frustration, foster and attract better relationships and communications, so my clients can expect a positive outcome daily.

  • "I always fell refreshed and in a better place mentaly and physicaly."

  • "Julie has an amazing skill I have not come across often in people."

  • "Julie has been a support system and not just my therapist but a friend."